The Detox Commandments!

Follow the rules every day and each day move a little closer to that body cleanse

  1. Water. Lots of it to stay hydrated and help the body flush itself. At least 10 large glasses per day 2-3 litres!!
  2. Stimulants. Stop now or reduce them quickly-alcohol, coffee! Try green tea or an easy herbal tea with fresh mint or ginger.
  3. Bin the box. No packaged or prepared food. Cook from scratch healthy quick and superfood nutritious snacks.
  4. Chew chew chew! Always eat any foods slowly as digestion starts in the mouth and you will ease digestion.
  5. Exercise. It’s why we were made. Get your body moving and be as active as you can every day.
  6. Alkaline and low Glycemic. Move toward alkaline foods and more stable carbohydrate. Darker foods and lightly cooked. Works beautifully.
  7. Superfoods, Super you. Focussing on a selection of super rated fruit vegetables and seeds.
  8. Stay on Track. Write down all,the foods and fluids you eat and drink. Helps with focus and results.
  9. Image building. Build a clear vision of how you will look and feel every day!
  10. Makeover. That’s a full clean out of your cupboards and fridge of all temptations and ‘not so holy foods!’ This will keep you focussed behind the 14 days