It’s TEA time!

You should hopefully be reducing all tea and coffee as well as any milk which you would normally add you need to have a tea which revives you and makes a divergence to how you feel.

I suggest making tea fresh or for an all day boost with seed and nuts as your power snack make a thermos flask to last the day.

If you still require a caffeine boost then use a more natural tea there a
re many green tea which cleanse and have caffeine.

Use them as a base and add:

  • Fresh ginger – keep the skin on to retain a spicy edge
  • Lemon grass – subtle flavour either chop or slice
  • Fresh mint. – great flavour and promotes a real flushing effect and settles the stomach.
  • A small spoon of munuka honey or agave syrup.


You can also allow this to stew and serve over ice after a tough gym session !