If you are in … give it 100% every day

Each day another element of change is added to your detox. It’s gradual and effective. Within 2 weeks you will feel AMAZING.

What does detox mean??

It is the essential cleansing of many of the body’s organs as well as the gut, colon and blood. This can only be achieved by means of a fast; a number of days with very restricted or no foods, relying on specific supplements. This detox will be only through food change rather than avoidance and a strict fasting regime.

DAY 1 if you want to weigh yourself do it today !!

Every day first thing 1 large glass of water 500mls then,  hot water with fresh quarter of lemon to establish an alkaline start.

You do this EVERY DAY FOR 2 weeks. STARTING TODAY. You may have been tea or mix the lemon with the green tea. NO normal tea! or coffee.

You can then have rye bread, mix seeded wheat crackers or fresh fruit or porridge and mixed berries as an example. No cows milk if you can or take a few days to eliminate this!! A bowl of fresh fruit is also acceptable at this stage.

 YOUR 2 week snack

Pan heat but do not burn almonds, sunflower seeds and flax or hemp seed-almonds first then add the rest. Let them cool and place in a plastic dish or bag. Eat this as a small snack every day for 2 weeks.

Remember the 10 rules … read them every day !!

If you want we can send you a 2 week food record to fill in…get in touch ibell@ef1.com