Day 2 – Detox

Look over  the list of 10 commandments again. Are you adhering to them? Especially the lemon and hot water first thing in the morning. So simple.

You should be developing caffeine and alcohol free days as you also progress away from any packaged and prepared convenience foods.

You should now move over to the dark side….

Developing low glycemic and alkaline forming foods is easy when you drift away from white foods!

White foods are high glycemic and acid forming. These include white bread, white pasta many cereals and processed wheat related goods such as crackers and biscuits. They also increase swelling in the gut and are mildly addictive. The more processed white carbohydrate you consume the more likely you continue to eat more and more.

Dark foods are spelt and rye bread/crackers, brown rice and pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Such foods are the mainstay of your daily energy and contain high amounts of fibre and sugars which “level” in the body. Use them as a base with Asian stir fry vegetables steamed vegetables and even add your mega toasted seeds and nuts.

Using basic Ayurveda (Indian herbal medicine) principles, wash down your meals with a warm fresh ginger tea. Warm fluids digest foods better than chilled and ginger is especially supportive I the digestive process. You can add lemon to increase alkaline levels.

The turbo snack mix


Heat the almonds first then add pumpkin,sunflower flax and hemp seeds. This toasting improves flavour dramatically and releases more of the amazing Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils.