Detox Programme Full Details

What is the Foundations Detox programme?

It is a carefully designed system of significant health improvement. It maximises your body’s ability to clean itself while delivering improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose,  cholesterol and liver count.

In terms of body digestion, the programme also eliminates heart burn and indigestion allowing the system to “re-set” itself due to the absence of acid forming foods and western processed meals. It gives particular rest from alcohol and caffeine.

In addition, the programme includes private Muay Thai boxing each day. This provides a highly effective form of exercise and in addition to the health benefits of the programme it contributes to fat reduction, weight loss and major changes in muscle tone and body shape. This is facilitated by specialist energy supplements to promote muscle contraction and energy during the boxing lessons. Thai massage is an essential element of recovery from the boxing sessions which last a maximum of one hour. It’s without doubt the most effective sports related massage in the world.

How it works

Each day the emphasis is on supplements and water to allow cleansing and proper detoxification. There are 5 levels to choose from and each day you may select to have no food or a soup and salad and a fresh coconut. There are no “hunger pains” as this is prevented by fibre powder which is vitamin enriched and an internal cleaner of the gut and colon.  The less food consumed the more effective the detox. You are guided in making the most appropriate choice.


We advise a period of 2-3 weeks to gently reduce intake of your normal diet and a more Asian emphasis. The focus moves away from alcohol, coffee and stimulants as well processed fat and sugar laden foods. We guide you through this and recommend regular exercise to allow maximum success with the programme. This is especially true when you return home to normal routines and familiar environments. We continue to support you through this to ensure long term protection of the results achieved over the coming months. It’s is part of an effective lifestyle and health improvement plan. Even after the programme finishes you continue to lose weight and fat due to raised metabolic rate and metabolic response.

The Benefits

Be prepared for significant change. Most are surprised with weight loss, or more correctly fat reduction. This combined with body shape changes and muscle tone can easily result in a loss of 20lbs. The more effective the preparation then better then results.


We an assist with your Doctors prescription of your medication and it will without question require significant reduction or elimination by the end of the detox process. You may also wish to have a series of blood tests repeated at the end of the programme. ALL results are improved significantly. This medical profile focusses on lifestyle diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose and body fat.


While you may choose to relax and unwind during your time in Thailand, energy levels will be both high and low. You are encouraged to listen to your body and take each day as it comes an in addition, sleep and rest. This resting is how, along with the supplements, you effectively cleanse.


Your system is effectively re calibrated in both absorption of food and the effectiveness of digestion. Thai is central to your well-being and continued energy weeks after the detox process.

Skin, hair eyes and cellulite

The body’s systems will naturally revitalise and cleanse. Your appearance win both weight loss and a healthy positive glow will be quite incredible. As the detox progress the body eliminated toxins which are in all the body’s systems. Skin tone and contour change for the better.

Muscle tone and fitness capacity

The energy required to learn and use real Muay Thai techniques is significant. It involves a high skill level and uses all muscles in the body. It combines regular boxing moves but involves elbows, knees and kicks with your feet. A truly all over body workout with explosive strength improvements. It is highly aerobic and challenging under detox and delivers considerable improvements in all round fitness. The quality of teaching is by existing Muay Thai champions. Experience is not required and the adaptation of fighting skills are rapid. By the end of the week you will be able to use real sparing techniques!!


Preparation and process go hand in hand. We will guide and support you to prepare and then support you all the way through the detox. Each day you can decide the level of detox, choose to box or gym and experience Thai massage on a daily basis. You will have PH, blood pressure and blood glucose tested and recoded along with total body weight each day. A diary of monitoring and measurement of progress.

You will undoubtedly never have felt this good and so “naturally healthy.”

We continue to support you from the last detox day into the coming weeks so help you choose both food, supplements and exercise with greater success. The detox provides positive health change and personal health knowledge to last a lifetime. Truly amazing.

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