Top Tips for your Holiday

Preparation for your wellbeing starts at least 2 weeks before you leave.


Acidophilus is a beneficial and protective bacterial culture for the gut. Taking this at least two weeks before departure and continually during your holiday will provide considerable protection against harmful bacteria from food and will help prevent sickness. There is a range of probiotic acidophilus products to choose from including yoghurts or tablets. It is a must-have, especially for the kids.


Exposure to UVA rays (affecting the skin’s inner layers) and UVB rays (affecting the skin’s outer layers) for short periods is advantageous. Our bodies make most of the vitamin D we need through UVB sunlight. It is also a great mood and energy enhancer. Suncream is essential and you should always over-protect your skin to avoid burning at all costs. Read the instructions and start with a high factor. Choose a product that is easy to apply (like a spray) especially for the kids. Remember to keep reapplying, every 2 hours, all day long. In addition, hydration is vital. Pack some dioralyte (oral rehydration powder) and add small amounts to water or soft drinks.


Remember being active in the sun dehydrates us as does coke, coffee and alcohol. Sunstroke is a form of heat exhaustion (not sunburn) and means the body is overheating. If you are too hot, sunstroke may occur even if you are in the shade. To prevent sunstroke wear loose comfortable clothing with a hat, avoid especially hot times of the day and lastly, drink at least 8 fl oz of water eight to ten times per day, even if you are not remotely thirsty. Avoid drinks which dehydrate the body. If you start to see signs of dehydration, drink a chilled sports drink like Gatorade which contains electrolytes (salt minerals) and will be effective in hydrating the body.


Relaxation influences brain chemistry and as a daily practice will boost the quality of your trip. Whether it be on a sun lounger, by the poolside or at the beach here is my relaxation technique… Cover your eyes from the sun and play soft relaxing music through your headphones (blocking out all external sound). Breath in deeply through your nose, pause when the lungs are full, then slowly exhale out the mouth, pause again when the lungs are empty. Repeat this process and continue for 5-10 minutes. Finish the session with a great big smile. Do this twice a day. It’s quite incredible how relaxed you will feel. Very Zen-like!


Returning from holiday de-stressed and feeling fabulous is just perfect for keeping your spirits high for a few weeks. To keep your immune system up I recommend taking Berocca. Each effervescent tablet is packed with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. Place in 500 ml of water which also hydrates you. In addition, Echinacea is highly effective to staving off colds and flu!