Festive Survival Tips

Christmas may only come once a year but it represents a significant range of pressures on our mind, body and spirit. We know preparation is key so, gather your thoughts, put your best foot forward and practise the following …

Be healthy, be well!


Drink 2-3 litres of water each day. Reduce tea and coffee intake to 2-3 times per day. Try green tea and fresh ginger tea as a healthy alternative.


It is recommended not to drink more than 14 units per week for woman or 21 units per week for men. Avoid heavy binge drinking, try to steer clear of cheap alcohol and consume with water. Keep in mind that the majority of wines have risen by 1-2.5% ABV over the last decade and are therefore both stronger and higher in unit value.


Avoid processed packaged foods (yes they look good but are designed to allure us!). Reduce processed white carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and bread as they elevate blood sugars and have low nutritional value. Replace with brown rice or dark rye and spelt breads.


Get plenty of exercise but try short 30 minute gym sessions as opposed to hourly workouts. You’re more likely to stick to it than if you set your targets too high. Have a regular massage, take time to rest and make sure you are getting enough sleep.


The festive season is in fact a holiday. Avoid burning yourself out with plenty of forward planning for proper rest. Look after the wellbeing of you and your family and move into 2014 feeling refreshed and healthy!